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what they said about us

Working hard to deserve these words! 😍 Thank you all! 🙏

Barcelona we said.


We complete each other like the perfect harmony of the bright & warm Barcelona sun, pristine blue Mediterranean sea and the unique diversity of culture... we are a match made in heaven, made in Barcelona.

It was a dream star-gazing night on a Barcelona balcony and we were 3 young, dreaming hearts. The moon was full and cava bottles empty. That night we decided to pour our unbridled enthusiasm into our new  venture, Studio Avenir.


Recently founded in 2022 in the exciting neighborhood of Gracia, Studio Avenir is where you can browse and enjoy our handmade products, create your own, join unique events and share happy moments. You can discover how, through love and creativity, chunks of mud turn into lovingly made products in your hands. Come in, touch and feel, discover and let your creativity guide you in your artistic experience! 

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